About Us

The BHAI story is one of friendship, collaboration, old traditions, and new beginnings.

Whilst the literal translation from Hindi is "brother", it has a much broader colloquial meaning that expresses friendship and respect. Today, this legacy is embodied in the story of BHAI. Two countries, two friends, one shared goal.

Our two protagonists were introduced by a mutual acquaintance. Vivan Futehally - agriculturist and entrepreneur; and Henry Chevallier - eighth generation family cider maker at Aspall, with a love for India dating back 25 years.

Their friendship reflects a shared heritage; India, with its apple orchards nestled in the foothills of the Himalaya, ranging from Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh - home to 1/3 of the world's apples. England, with its rich and illustrious cider making history and its penchant for Indian and spicy foods.

With a recipe developed between the kitchens of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and the Cyder House of Aspall, the two friends have blended and developed a cider that marries beautifully with spice; at the same
time, it offers a refreshing and rewarding palate cleanser that is at home both on the plains of India, and the bustling streets of Shoreditch.

However, this story is about so much more than the cider. The friends' long term ambition is to build a global brand that can invest in orcharding in some of the poorest parts of India; build a cider facility to process this crop and make ciders that can both satisfy the thirst of a sub-continent, and offer livelihoods and rewards to its local communities.

The roots of cider making run deep into the ground and they form the basis of lifelong friendships the world over. 

Vivan and Henry are the living proof of this, and their BHAI embodies this philosophy.